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bay wigs are also more difficult to maintain than higher quality wigs and overall tend to have a shorter life cycle (as they’re more prone to things like heat damage and general wear and tear). Long ones will be much more susceptible to tangling and take longer to detangle. Just another thing to know to

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1、Measure the size on the body with paper, a bit like cutting paper, fix it with staples or something, and then make a little modification. 2、Take the paper off carefully and put it on the cloth and cut it, rather make it bigger and waste some cloth than cut it smaller. 3, sew on with
Identity V Fiona Gilman Cosplay

Identity V Fiona Gilman Cosplay

Character name: Fiona Gilman CN: Lulu Daimao_ Photographer: MirrorStudio Windy Teeth Post-production: Meki_Julyko Subaru “The Priest” Gilman, of unknown class, is a mystic with a natural interest in the occult and geography, and claims to be a faithful follower of Jug Sotos, the Lord of Time and Space in the mythology of Crusoe. When she